About the project

The project aims to enlarge the employment opportunities in the open labour market for VET students with a disability, by building up the capacity of those organisations providing employment services to them. This will be achieved through the implementation of the methodology of Inclusive Job Design and by building up specific competencies of VET providers (e.g. employment specialists) working with students with disabilities.

Expected Results
At the end of the project we expect to have the following results in place:

  • We will have developed and tested a curriculum for VET providers based on the Inclusive Job Design concept.
  • We will have created sustainable partnerships between VET providers and employers.
  • We will have increased the knowledge of Inclusive Job Design, Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusive Employment strategies for students with disabilities.
  • We will have increased the competencies of the partners for applying the Inclusive Job Design-methodology.
  • We will have increased the number of successful and sustainable placement opportunities for VET students with disabilities in the labour market (by using the Inclusive Job Design method).

In the project we have nine partners: seven service providers and two expert partners. As the applicant organisation, Stichting REA College Pluryn is responsible for the project management. With the cooperation of all partners, the experts are responsible for the results of the intellectual outputs.

Partners are:

  • Stichting REA College Pluryn, The Netherlands
  • All About Quality Consultancy, The Netherlands
  • Frans Nijhuis Stichting, The Netherlands
  • VRC, Lithuania
  • Instituto Don Calabria, Italy
  • Fundacion Intras, Spain
  • Santa Casa da Miseriórdia do Porto, Portugal
  • Promenaden Kongsvinger AS, Norway
  • Dafür gem. GmbH, Austria

Associated partners
In the project we have 13 Associated Partners. They have committed themselves to supporting the dissemination and sustainable implementation of the project results by informing their network partners about the project. They will get access to materials of the project, to one national meeting, one international meeting and the closing event. Associated partners are: employers, VET schools, job coach organisations, management consultants, etc.

Intellectual Outputs
For the funder, we are obliged to deliver four Intellectual Outputs. The funding of working hours and the evaluation are based on the Intellectual Outputs. These outputs reflect the work we do in the various stages and will contribute to the expected results.

Output 1:     Self-Assessment Instrument for organisations

With this assessment tool, partner organisations will be able to identify their strengths and issues, enabling them to improve the key factors for the successful implementation of the methodology of Inclusive Job Design within their organisation.

Output 2:     Curriculum for employment specialists

We will produce a curriculum and guidelines for implementing Inclusive Job Design methodology, including examples of best practice. The curriculum is meant for employment specialists – employees who have the responsibility to facilitate mediation in employment matters. During the project period, the curriculum will be tested and evaluated in the national contexts of the project partners.

Output 3:     Manual for employment specialists

The manual consists of Guidelines for applying the Inclusive Job design methodology. It shows VET providers how to use the methodology for supporting companies to increase their efficiency and to create sustainable employment for students with a disability.

Output 4:     Guidelines and recommendations for VET providers

This is a feasibility study on the implementation of Inclusive Job Design, assessing barriers and facilitators for the implementation of the Inclusive Job Design methodology in the partner countries.